Interviewed with Mel

Mel has done me the honour of interviewing me with 5 questions. How it works is that after I've answered my questions, I open the floor up to anybody else who would like to be interviewed! If you leave a comment on this blog saying you'd like to participate, then I will ask you some questions, and in return you will do the same for others! Anywho, here are the questions Mel has fired in my direction! =D

1. As an artist, you need to be deeply connected to your Creative Self. What kinds of things do you do to nurture that part of you?

Hmmm. Well, for a long time I was put under pressure to perform artistically (due to university). This totally damaged the connection I did have to my creative self. It's only recently I've been able to get back into art making, and that is due to having to be a LOT more nurturing and compassionate to my creative self. I've done this by trying to be very lighthearted, and just giving things a go - I've come to realise playfulness plays a large part of being creatively healthy. I also go for long walks or just spend time alone, solitude helps me to refuel, whether it be outdoors in nature or at home in 'my corner' listening to music.

2. What is your current favourite medium to work in and which would you like to further explore?

I'm a bit of a Jack of All Trades and Master of None when it comes to art I'm afraid! I've dipped my toe into so many things and liked different things about them all. I guess it must be watercolour recently, there's an air of spontaneity and uncontrollability about it which keeps it fun and challenging. Also, I just love all the colour! *drool*. I would've liked to explore ceramics more, but it's impractical for me. Instead, I'm about to embark on using metal clay (check out the link for some info). It's a relatively new, exciting material which means I can mould metal like clay (gold, silver, bronze and copper now!). I'm hoping to make my own jewellery with it in the near future, so watch this space!

3. From where (or whom) do you draw your greatest inspiration?

My spirituality plays a large part in my art making. I get really excited when I can make something so physical, so mundane and earthly take on an emotional and spiritual aspect. Like how a simple earthenware tea bowl can encompass ideas of honour, reverence, frugality and emptiness. So I guess my inspiration comes from the natural world and people - how a simple action or thing becomes a subtle and succint expression of the divine, like the crest of a wave, a faded tattoo, or the yellowed pages of a book. (Did that make any sense to you?!)

4. My borrowed question: If you could invite any three people to dinner - either living or dead - who would you choose and what would you be eating?

His Holiness the Dalia Lama would definately be on the guest list - I envision him as being so wise and warm hearted! And we'd have a really thought provoking conversation about the situation in Tibet. Secondly, I'd invite Taliesin, the legendary 6th Century welsh bard, who is believed to have sung at the court of at least 3 celtic british kings. He would regale us with his mythic tales, and would also teach me about celtic Briatin and druidry. Thirdly, the brave Joan of Arc. I want to know how such a young woman led the french against oppression - such an amazing person! I'd love to have dishes that correlated with my guests that we could all sample - Tibetan food, celtic meat, and french cuisine! Lol. That sounds like my kinda dinner party!

5. Since you've been working in a school environment, what do you like and dislike about the way that *art* is represented there? ie. how it's used or not used.

I certainly dislike the way it is underplayed within the curriculum. It is mostly considered a less important subject and doesn't get the respect it deserves. I also find it hard that the art work has to be levelled and graded for the curriculum, many kids are insecure about their creative skills, and this only makes them feel it more so. However, I am happy that it is a part of the curriculum - for those kids who are less academically inclined, it can be a welcome respite, and there is nothing quite like seeing a pupil proud of their own work. I'd like to see art become a more cross-curricular subject - it's often seen as being in it's own little box cut off from the rest of school studies, but it can have a very enriching effect on other subjects (i.e. maths - geometry and optics, science - life drawing, boilogy, nature, english - theatre, calligraphy, manuscripts, etc, etc). We as educators in arts should be willing to use it more imaginatively and flexibly within the school structure.

Hope that was interesting for you all! Right, if you'd like to be interviewed, feel welcome to leave a comment and I will deliver you some customised questions asap!


Debra She Who Seeks 29 May 2009 at 07:03  

I agree with you, Haley, that creativity is really all about playfulness -- just being in the moment and being willing and open to try new things, to fail, to mess up without it being a big deal. Relinquishing control, really. Or at least our "illusion of control" LOL.

Mel 29 May 2009 at 16:10  

LOVED your answers...I particularly like your thoughts on using art really is silly that its stuck in its own box and doesn't get near the 'air' time it deserves...

Thanks for playing along!!


Jan 2 June 2009 at 18:00  

Very interesting! I'd like to join your 3 selections for dinner. What great conversation there would be. :-) I've always been fascinated by St. Joan...And the new art form you are exploring sounds very intriguing. Art is so important for children for their holistic development. It makes me sad when art programs are cut form schools. Most of all, I appreciate how your spirituality shines through your art!

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