It feels good to be back

Hiya everyone,

Phew, I've been away for a while. Which wasn't very convenient, seeing as I was in the middle of a quartet of posts for Pagan Values Month, lol. I can't really explain why I just stopped really, a lot of things were going on, final few weeks of the school year so my job was extremely hectic and tiring, as well as trying to do all the fundraising for War Child. The blog has just been pushed to one side. But, now the school year is finished for now, and I miss keeping in touch with you all! It's funny really, when I started this blog, I didn't know I'd become so attached to it and all the people I've met through it.

I'll be catching up with a lot of your posts, and I intend on finishing the PVM posts too. I'll just pick up where I left off, I guess! I look forward to getting back in touch with you all again =).

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I am a pagan, special needs teaching assistant, BA Hons Drawing graduate, artist, amateur tarot reader, half-welsh, big sister, eldest daughter, lover, volunteer, bookworm, intense dreamer, nature and animal lover, over-protective friend, ex-barmaid, fledgling activist and general eccentric. Nice to meet you =D.

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