Welcome to my new blog.

I suppose I should tell you a little about what will be written here. Most posts will be related to paganism and other earth spirituality related areas. Paganism is an intrinsic part of my life, and while I most certainly am a pagan, I like to question and explore my beliefs and spiritual ethics. I am open-minded to all religions and philosophies, and I am fascinated by the practices of all people in regards to finding meaning and luminousity in their lives. There will also be smatterings of book reviews here and there.

I am no expert (on anything!), so all things written here will just be my own observations or musings. I hope you enjoy this blog, and look forward to any future comments you may post.

Haley x

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I am a pagan, special needs teaching assistant, BA Hons Drawing graduate, artist, amateur tarot reader, half-welsh, big sister, eldest daughter, lover, volunteer, bookworm, intense dreamer, nature and animal lover, over-protective friend, ex-barmaid, fledgling activist and general eccentric. Nice to meet you =D.

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