Confession time!

Hiya everyone,

Yes, I am belated in my belated return, lol. I really wanted to continue with the Witches Pyramid series I had going on, but I hit serious problems with the 'To Dare' part. I reached nearly half way through the post but abondoned it in frustration. I wanted to talk about openness and the willingness to be vulnerable. To talk about daring to truly connect with others, despite our own fears of rejection and our emotional barriers. What this really highlighted for me that I was talking about something that I hadn't really gotten to grips with myself - I could talk the talk, but do I really walk the walk?

So I've abondoned it for now. Who knows, maybe in time and when I'm a little more daring myself, I can feel like I can share my ideas about it with you. But until then, I'd rather admit that I'm struggling with it and need to work through it still than pretend I've got it all figured out. Hope you all understand that.

Saying that, I have really enjoyed thinking about the Witches Pyramid. And I've been touched by the response I have gotten from the 'To Know' and 'To Will' posts, and glad that some of my musings have struck a chord with people =).

Well, now I've got that out of they way I can continue with posting without feeling like I have to force through the 'To Dare' post, so expect to see me a bit more frequently now, lol.


wanderingbroom 6 September 2009 at 07:26  

yay! i'm so glad you're back!
and don't worry, i write about things i haven't gotten a grip on either. i think that's why i started a blog to begin with - to use it as tool to help myself figure it out. it just helps to say whatever is on my mind, regardless of whether i understand why i'm thinking it. plus, my opinions on the matter might change in the future and it's always interesting to look back on how/why the progression occurred. i also like how a blog allows me to ask questions and get some feedback. that, in it of itself, is a new thing for lil' ol' stoic, repressed me since i've always been very against opening up and sharing my struggles/frustrations.

Idris 7 September 2009 at 05:06  

I'm also glad you are back.

As for not getting to grips with openness and the willingness to be vulnerable, I find in myself that this is not a constant. There are times when it seems to be the natural way to be and then there are others when I close into myself and put up the barriers. I am learning to live with and accept this ebb and flow as a normal and natural part of my nature.

I do not think that I will ever get it all figured out - there is always another layer to the onion. But some new level of understanding and degree of self-tolerance opens to me as I unpeel each.

Go easy on yourself - you have revealed vulnerability in your very admission that you cannot reveal it and would like to.

I too, have recently renewed posting. I hope to read much more from you.

Haley @ Iridescent Dark 9 September 2009 at 12:06  

wanderingbroom: I find feedback to be one of the most important reasons I blog too. I don't mean as in to get people to like me, or like a popularity thing, but other peoples insights to your own can be invaluable. The support and encouragement that can be gotten through feedback can spur us on even further on our paths.

Idris: Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is a difficult task for a lot of people, I'm finding =). But as you say, it's about being compassionate with ourselves and peeling away our insecurity one layer at a time. I look forward to seeing more posts from you again too!

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